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August 23, 2018
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There are ticks in South Florida and they could be in your backyard. Here is information on where they may be lurking and how to keep them OUT!


For many people, the threat of ticks during sunshine and fun months is mainly a seasonal concern. In Florida, the sunshine state, the threat is year round and very real. Tick control in your yard is crucial for the safety of you and your family. If you have pets it is especially important to be informed and proactive in dealing with any tick situation that might be lurking.


Ticks are most often found in tall grasses, bushes, weeds, and wooded areas. Their favorite hiding spots are humid zones with unkempt foliage. South Florida’s tropical humid climate provides a year-round habitat for many species but the most common among them is the Brown Dog Ticks. Don’t let the name fool you though because these little monsters cannot be tamed with milk bones or chew toys and they are hungry for humans as much as dogs. In addition to this, the Brown Dog Tick is also one of the few species of tick that survives well indoors. Other common species of tick found in Florida are the American Dog, Lone Star, and Gulf Coast ticks. All of the species can have varying populations throughout the year in different regions of south Florida. You should also be aware that even young ticks or “Nymphs” can carry the devastating Lyme Disease, Rock Mountain Fever or Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness (STARI).


The best prevention for ticks overall is a proper yard and home upkeep. It sounds like a simple solution and it is. The most common advice for dealing with ticks is yard work and cleaning. Ticks love tall grasses and weeds so keeping your lawn mowed and trimmed is a huge deterrent. Keeping bushes, vines, and tree limbs trimmed, chopped, and under control provides even more safety. Even aesthetic things like gravel or wood chip beds and borders irritate tick feet and work extremely well in stopping them. Make sure to keep clutter around the sheds and yard to a minimum as well. Hot spots like sheds and clutter in the yard attract a pets curiosity and are a prime opportunity for a menace to latch on.


Other types of prevention include insecticide treatments from your local landscaper or store-bought chemicals as well. Body insect repellents on exposed skin are known to work well too. Some people have also had success with keeping chickens in the yard. In Florida, this is actually more common than you might think and also provides a great opportunity for fresh protein daily. Unorthodox methods of control come in many forms and create a solid defense when combined with more traditional methods.


Ticks can be a real worry for any family with frequent outdoor goers but managing that problem can be simple and straightforward. Fortunately, the solutions we have here are already common practices for many. Daily checks and vigilance are also very important if you are worried about tick issues with pets or children. Along with vigilance, avoidance of touching dense and wild plant life will also help. Ticks can drop out of trees so be careful when walking under branches. With all these avenues of consideration, you can rest easier knowing that there are many ways to deal with a tick-infested area and problem.


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