Why Do Cats and Dogs Eat Grass?

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Any pet owner will know the phenomenon of grass eating in some form. It is one of those things you notice and wonders about, but never actually remember to go look up. So, by nature, it would seem that it is not something to be particularly wary of. In general, you do not see people actively trying to stop cats or dogs from eating grass. Typically, it just kind of happens and people move on. Occasionally it might be associated with a pet getting sick, but this could merely be a coincidence. It seems universally accepted to be a rather benign act overall. The odds are if your cat or dog eats a bit of grass, the grass itself will not be the cause of any major ailment.  However, there are many interesting theories about what it could mean.  Everyone’s pets are ultimately different and it is your responsibility as a pet owner to do your best to know what is and is not good for your furry little loved ones. Given that there are some of the leading current theories on what is going on when your pet eats some grass.

Most research results concerning this topic online will lead you invariably to the question of regurgitation. Some people think that a reason for grass eating might be self-induced vomiting. The situation is different for cats as opposed to dogs. For instance, less than 25% of dogs will vomit because of typical grass eating. For cats its well-known that they lack the enzymes to really digest grass properly, and because of this it does seem to be that cats use grass to vomit on some level. The research suggests that the overwhelming majority of dogs will not vomit because of grass alone, and for cats, it’s not necessarily a cause either depending on the car’s size or amount of grass eaten.

The theory of regurgitation leads ultimately to digestion as a whole. Another theory concerning this topic has to do with simply helping digestion in a variety of different ways. Gut bacteria have been of particular interest in scientific research recently and its thought that grass eating might be connected with better gut health. It seems that our pets have natural instincts tied to survival that include, in a way, forms of herbal medicine. Some evidence even suggestions that eating grass can help prevent intestinal worms.

Nutrition is another common theory among many pet owners and experts. The modern diet for many pets consists of very consistent and specific food constantly. When your pet has a chance to diversify that diet it could be lead to the intake of deficient vitamins and minerals.

Separate of all these theories, though, it’s essentially well accepted by most experts that this behavior is common and mostly benign.. We can never really be certain of the true reason why cats and dogs eat grass, but we can piece together some benefits they derive from it and theorize about the true tastiness of our fine American lawns.

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