Which Mower is the Best?

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Types of Lawn Mower

Is your mower suited for your yard? Depending on your yard, you may not be using the best mower.

You may think that a lawn mower can be effective and accommodate any kind of grass, but actually there are different types of mowers and one certain type is appropriate to a particular yard. Here are some of those types.

Manual Reel Mower
If you own an even and small yard and you don’t mind having some workout and exercise, then a manual reel mower is the perfect unit for you. Besides, you are basically promoting eco-friendly lawn care, as the manual reel mower produces no noise or emission. It is also a good choice for yard owners who are on a budget as it is one of the most affordable mowers out there.

Battery Operated Reel Mower
A battery-operated reel mower is the one for you, if you don’t feel like having a workout but still prefer a reel mower. This type of mower is ideal for small yards and for gardeners who are into environment friendly mowing alternatives.

Walk Behind Mower (Battery-Powered)
Another great alternative for smaller yards and flat lawns are the walk behind mowers, which are battery-powered and are rechargeable. A single charge can last for half an hour of mowing time and even up to 45 minutes, depending on the thickness and type of your grass.

Conventional Walk Behind Mower
This type of mower is the most common for medium-sized turfs and they come in a wide range of selections and prices. Most of these mowers collect clippings in a bag, so you can mulch them. Some varieties start easily by just turning a key.

Electrical Walk Behind Mower
This mower is best when you have a small yard with not so many obstacles and if you are an environmentalist who doesn’t like air pollution.

Solar Hybrid Mower
If your yard is ranging between small to medium size and if you are not really up to manually mowing, why not try a solar hybrid mower, which is a combination of a rechargeable battery and solar power? However, this mower is not appropriate for yards that have steep slopes or yards with lots of obstacles.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
When your yard is hilly and sizeable, this lawn mower can do the job for you. All you have to do is steer it while walking, as simple as that. A number of models have a single speed option only; while some provide variable speed choices like one that automatically speeds up or slows down to harmonize with your walking tempo.

Multi-tasking Mower
If you want a hardworking mower that can do a multitude of mowing tasks, starting from sweeping leaves to snow removal to rototilling, the multi-tasking mower is the perfect tool for you. It contains different attachments, which you can use, depending on the task you have to accomplish.

Lawn Tractor
If you have an estate measuring in acres, it will be difficult if you choose an ordinary lawn mower. A small lawn tractor having a mower as an attachment can be a valuable investment. This is a faster way of mowing the lawn as the tractor can speed up and reduce the amount of time you will spend in preserving your lawn.

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