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Brown Patch Lawn Disease

How to return your lawn to a luscious green carpet

There is such a thing as brown patch lawn disease on your lawn and it is a common and prevalent problem that is caused by a fungus known as Rhizoctonia solani. This disease infects common turf grasses, but the most vulnerable types of grass include perennial tall fescue, bentgrass, and ryegrass. It can likewise become a hindrance to your Kentucky bluegrass in middle to late summer season during an extended period of humidity and high temperature.

Some causes of brown patch disease include dull mower blades that damage your grass and cause its gradual death. Scalping also damages your lawn. This is when your mower is set too low which cuts your grass very short and eventually causes damage to it. Different chemicals such as gasoline, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers if spilled, can likewise be causes of brown patch. Your pets’ urine is considered the most common cause of brown patch disease. Animal urine can cause your lawn to turn yellow having a light green loop around the edges.

However, all of these can be remedied and you can still return your lawn to a luscious green carpet by following these simple tips.

Use a Preventive Fungicide

If you happen to have experienced brown patch disease in previous years, you need to prevent that now by buying and applying a preventive fungicide product before it occurs, as a result of the lengthy heat. Before applying the product, you need to wait till the temperature is around 70 degrees and continue as what is instructed on the label (every 2 to 4 weeks) until the brown patches come to an end.

Use “For Brown Patch Disease” Product

Restorative treatments in repairing your lawn as well as getting rid of the disease are usually very successful and helpful in controlling the existence of brown patches. Remember to select a product marked “for “controlling brown patch”. Continue applying the product until your grass begins to recover and the weather condition causing the brown patch is no longer present. Follow as the label instructs.

Proper Lawn Care and Fertilization

In order to prevent those brown patches on your lawn, proper lawn care and fertilization are a must, because these patches are reliant on cultural practices, local weather condition, and proper fertilization. It is very important to fertilize your lawn at the right time so as to reduce the possibility of having brown patches. An excessive amount of nitrogen on your soil and on your fertilizer can increase the chances of the disease. You need to have your soil tested to verify its nitrogen level. Use nitrogen at a low rate as needed during the growing season. Reduce the amount of water on your soil since the damp condition can be a perfect breeding ground for fungal growth. Water only as necessary, as much as possible do it very early in the morning.

Expert Lawn Care Services

Another great solution for your lawn to return to its luscious green condition is by seeking the help of professional lawn care services. They can restore the beauty of your grass in no time and spruce up your garden too. They have the skills, experience, and knowledge to assist you in keeping those brown patches at bay!

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