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Should I do it myself?

Tree trimming or otherwise known as pruning is a task that can be done by an average homeowner, except of course for very huge branches and limbs. Technically, tree trimming can be done anytime but professional arborists highly endorse trimming of trees during early spring or late winter when they are still dormant. This will enable the tree to preserve its nutrients even more because pruning helps in eliminating or reducing the sap flow from the tree stump.

You need some tools to make your tree trimming a success. Tools such as pruning shears, pole runner, rope saw, lopping shears, lightweight buck saw, hard hat, chainsaw, and of course safety glasses.

Here are some trimming techniques you need to do yourself, with their specific purposes.

Tree Cleaning
Getting rid of weak, dead and diseased branches from the tree crown.

This is the technique of removing tree branches to allow more sunlight to penetrate, thus lessening stress on dense limbs and furthering retention of your tree’s natural form. This also includes getting rid of crossing branches which may brush on each other.

Taking out lower tree branches with the purpose of providing clearings for pedestrians, buildings, vehicles, and human views.

This is the process of cutting tree limbs to diminish the tree size as well as give way to utility lines such as cable and electric lines.

Homeowners usually take care of their homes inside and out but tend to neglect some important things like tree trimming. Maybe because they don’t see the importance. Well, aside from the fact that a trimmed tree is healthy and pretty to look at, it also makes both the trees and humans safe. Why? Well, here are some of the reasons why you should trim your trees.

Trimming down weak, dead, and diseased branches lessen the possible fire danger in case your tree or any houses nearby catch fire. Another concern is if there is debris on your ground it is not only dangerous to pedestrians but when not cleaned up over a period of time, the dead tree matter could rot and mold and can eventually attract pesky insects.

Rot and decay can also occur inside the tree, in case the dead matter is left untrimmed. There is a possibility that decaying matter can draw the attention of wood insects which can weaken the tree itself which may then eventually fall.

Tree trimming is not only for safety purposes but it promotes healthy living as well. It is much better to prevent any unhealthy situations that could come up by promoting well-maintained and healthy growth of your trees. By getting rid of dead plant matter, you are actually allowing your tree to grow healthy and new leaves and branches. Similarly, instead of making use of your trees’ resources in combating pests and diseases, it can actually develop an even healthier and better root system.

Let us not forget that the outward beauty of your tree is likewise very important, as this is the first thing that people notice. A tree that is nicely trimmed is a sight to behold.

Now, there are times when you have to call in a pro to do the job for you. If you are not familiar with the use of tools and your trees are quite big, it is better to leave the trimming to experts, to avoid accidents both to humans and the surrounding environment.

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