The Power of Trees – Part 2

The Power of Trees – Part 1
May 17, 2018
The Power of Trees – Part 3
June 1, 2018

Why do people feel so empowered when they walk in or around a forest or in an area with lots of trees? In many cultures, trees are considered sacred. Ancient people from every corner of the world have practiced tree worship. Trees have been empowering humans in various ways. Here are some of them:

Trees Communicate to the Soul of a Person

It is not surprising that trees have caught the human imagination since the beginning of time. People were amazed at how their roots give them strength. Their branches and trunk can withstand the wind and are solid most of the time, yet they can bend and sway with the wind if needed. Trees can live for hundreds or even thousands of years, and so people look up to them as guardians of past secrets and patrols of the future.

People perceived trees as symbols of life, death, and rejuvenation. We see the tree as sentient beings, but just like human they can feel pain and bleed when they are hurt. They even look like a human. People have a body and arms, trees have a trunk and branches. Thus, we feel that there is a deeper connection between human and trees. Lots of people feel the vibrational energy every time they place their hands on its bark. Trees bring grounding energy since their roots are embedded deep into the ground. We usually feel at peace when walking in the forest or in a treed area.

Trees Help Us Live Longer

Based on a study posted at, trees can clean the air in the atmosphere. They prevented 850 human deaths and saved around 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms in 2010. When an insect emerald ash borer destroyed a great number of trees in the American Midwest in the 1990’s and 2000’s, the number of human deaths due to respiratory and cardiovascular illness increased.

The psychological effect of the trees on people is more difficult to figure out. People who spend most of their time outdoors, or those who have access to a window to look at the trees outside, have been observed to have better health as compared to those who do not.

Tree of Life Both in the Ancient and Modern Time

In the idea of a Tree of Life, it describes the connections of all forms of life in many philosophies and religions. This has been practiced way back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptian tree of life embodied creation and symbolized the chain of events that brought everything into life. In modern science, the tree has become the essential symbol of biological growth, as its ever-branching image emotionally depicting the unique relationships between all living creatures on earth.

Final Thoughts

Trees can be an inspiration to every individual. Trees can provide energy and the air we breathe and in return, we give them the carbon dioxide they need. We need to protect them in any way we can.

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