The Power of Trees – Part 1

Palm Trees – Part 3
May 10, 2018
The Power of Trees – Part 2
May 24, 2018

People often take for granted the significance of nature, and most of them boast of being an indoor type and they can live without trees around. But the truth is none of us could live long without the natural world. This is particularly true in the case of trees. There are lots of reason to thank trees, not just for beautiful leaves but also for the air we breathe. Trees release oxygen and we inhale it. We exhale carbon dioxide which trees need to grow. It is a continuous exchange of life-giving breath. Therefore, trees play an important role in keeping the world’s ecosystem balanced.

Why should people be aware of this? Every day about the size of two football fields of trees is cleared around the world. They are doing this to give way to building communities, for palm oil plantations, and to grow produce. 

Deforestation the Main Cause of Ecosystem Collapse

Humans are not the only ones who rely on the world’s forests. For the past 40 years, lots of animals have died and deforestation has something to do with this. Around 50,000 species become extinct every year. You might not have noticed it, but it has caused major changes in your everyday life due to the loss of these species. If this continues the entire ecosystem can collapse. As different species lose their homes, their livelihoods go with them.

As deforestation continues, biodiversity is greatly affected, which results in the destruction of the entire ecosystems. The removal of trees can erode the soil, which endangers local water supplies. Also, without the trees that cleanse the air, smog and the increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions will put both human and animal population at risk.

Less Trees More Carbon

Tropical forests play a vital role in slowing climate change. The amount of carbon the forest can absorb has a limit. It is based on the number of trees and the availability of water which enables the trees to grow. Trees in the forests take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and produce oxygen, but studies in the northern forests show that trees in the tropical areas cannot take in as much carbon dioxide as they did in the past. As people cut down trees to be used for human industry, this greatly affects the ability of the forest to trap carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This means that fewer trees equal more carbon. We need to do something about this current rate at which we are producing greenhouse gases. We will experience rapid warming and the most serious impacts of climate change if the rainforests are not protected.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the forests protected is important. Even if the rainforest is located far from where you live, there is still much you can do to protect them. Since the major causes of deforestation are palm oil production, development of new structures, and the livestock industry, you need to do something to control them. One thing you can do is to reduce your consumption of meat and other animal products. Making a few changes in your life can make a difference and save the trees.


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