The Joys Of Adding Trees To Your Lawn

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February 25, 2019
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Joys Of Adding Trees To Your Lawn

There are many things you can do for your home landscape regardless of the time of year. One of those things you can do that has a whole host of positive benefits is the adding of trees to your lawn. We say adding because it is not always viable to plant trees and wait. Naturally, most trees take years to grow and flourish. Nevertheless, there are many options for adding young, teenage, or even adult trees to your lawn. Of course, trees are spectacular displays of nature. Being aesthetically pleasing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many benefits of new trees. In this entry, we go over the best reasons for adding new trees to your landscape.

In today’s world, one of the best reasons to consider trees is rooted in the environmental movement. Adding trees to your yard scientifically creates a better atmosphere in your small area. Trees are a fantastic source of clean air and groundwater quality. Water and air are the fundamentals of life and as such trees also do wonders. A tree can turn up to 13 pounds of Co2 to clean an oxygen every year. In addition, trees have a multiplicative effect, and with any luck, neighbors will also follow the trend of creating a safe and environmentally-friendly neighborhood and living space.

Another great effect of adding trees to your lawn is privacy. Trees can be used to achieve almost any level of privacy in a natural and form-fitting way. If you are looking for light cover, with just a touch of visual disruption sparse tree cover can provide a subtle and yet useful look. However, even trees like evergreens can be used to attain privacy on the other end of the scale. Some homeowners like to plant tight rows of evergreen to create a natural wall obstructing major viewpoints of critical areas.

Of course, it is always nice to impress your friends and fellow neighbors as well. Equally as nice is the idea of adding value from something as simple, natural and beautiful as a tree. Curb Appeal is a real secret of trees. And choosing the right tree for that purpose is crucial. We all want our land home to look amazing, and trees offer a grand opportunity to do so. Whether you’re looking for flowering trees or lush green leafy trees adding curb appeal to your home is inevitable with a tree. Curb appeal generally translates into the addition of hard value to your home as well. It’s not uncommon for a home with old growth beautiful trees to have the advantage over homes that do not.

Trees can also be great for light and temperature control. In fact, it can be a great natural way to save of on home cooling. Shading is an excellent strength of adding trees and opens up the possibility of planning and harboring other plant and wildlife. Shade can be a great place to grow garden plants that do best in the lower light areas including some vegetables

And finally speaking of vegetables and food, trees can also be a fun source for additional nutrition. Growing produce trees from mangoes and avocados to papaya or oranges and bring a lot of pleasure as well as homegrown nutrition. Growing your own produce is about as organic as it gets. Growing food to the table is often much better then the factory farmed fruits you might find in the grocery store. It is important to note though that fruit trees might require a little bit more maintenance than your average, but the tradeoff is well worth it.

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