Summertime Lawns

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June 2, 2017
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Summer Lawns

It’s that time of the year when your grass grows fast. Here are some tips to keep it looking great all summer long!

Summer is inevitable and so is the heat. Most lawns can look terrible during the summer season but, that should not be the case It is possible to keep your lawn green and healthy even during a prolonged dry spell. Here are ways that can help your lawn flourish even during summer.

Water Your Lawn in the Morning. The best time to water your lawn is morning time, preferably from 6am to 7am. This lets your lawn absorb water, grow, and go through the process of photosynthesis. If you water at nighttime, it cannot successfully use the water your lawn is receiving. Also, watering at night can create a dank environment in which lawn disease may occur. Do not water frequently if you want to build a healthy and strong lawn. Instead, give it an extended soak 2x to 3x a week, instead of soaking daily, which will result in a shallow root system.

Aeration. Humans need oxygen and water, and so does your lawn. It’s very important to aerate your lawn. The cheapest and easiest way to do it is to thrust a garden fork deep in the ground at a distance of 15 cm intervals for the whole lawn. But for larger lawn areas, it is best to use a mechanical aerator.

Mow Higher. If you cut the grass shorter, you are actually short-changing the lawn. Lengthier grass permits the growth and development of lengthier roots. The grass will not quickly dry out and lengthier blades will safeguard the roots. Simply set your lawn mower on a higher setting.

Weed removal. It’s better to control weeds often and early, rather than spraying the entire lawn using a weed killer. You can manually pull them or use a weeding fork.

Renovation and Reseeding. There are older grass varieties that can’t handle the sun, as they tend to grow with ugly and thick blades or in bunches. Similarly, the heat can leave thin areas and bare spots around your lawn. Newer lawn types have been developed to handle the scorching heat and sun and still look great, like the tall fescue varieties. The best time in reseeding your lawn for optimal grass growth for tall fescue mixes is in early spring or in fall.

Fertilizing your Grass. Do not fertilize warm season types of grass during fall, as this will only encourage growth of the lawn into the cooler seasons, which should not be happening. It’s best to fertilize during the spring season while the climate is heating up and the plants are starting to flourish.

Hire Lawn Care Services. For best results and to make sure that your lawn gets the appropriate amount of attention and TLC all summer long, hire an expert and reliable lawn care service provider. They can be of great help to you, because they can take care of your lawn using only effective methods, products and machines that will give optimum results for your complete satisfaction.

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