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July 26, 2018
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Outside Play

Making Your Backyard Fun for Children of all Ages


We know it’s summertime when the days get longer, the temperature gets hotter, and everybody wants to stay outdoors. There are exciting activities you can do in your backyard without spending a lot of money. If you have children, it is especially important to make your backyard appealing and a place for fun. Children get bored easily with a whole summer and no school. Here are some ideas to create a backyard destined for fun and sure to stop boredom from taking over.


Set-up a Swing and Playset in your Backyard

Before you invite young children outside to play it is best to set up activities suited to their age. This can include swings, climbers, sandbox, trampoline (small ones if children are less than six years of age), portable basketball hoop, and an activity container with a lid. A large plastic tub with a lid can work as long as it is large enough to hold balls, plastic bats, sand toys, and small plastic shovels. If you can afford a swing set try to have it include climbing, swinging, and sliding activities. It will help your young children exercise and stay active in summer. You will also benefit as the children can come and go from the house and play on their own as you do your other tasks. Young children also enjoy bubbles, playing in the sprinkler, hula hoops, and large, inflatable beach balls. Add a tent to your backyard fun as children love to hide and play inside.


Older children enjoy being outside as well but the lure of electronics makes it more difficult to interest them in outside play. A favorite of older children is a large trampoline. Hours of fun and exercise can be enjoyed as they practice their jumps and tricks. Games such as backyard baseball, football, and soccer are fun too. Playing badminton, croquet, volleyball, and cornhole, old-fashioned games, are still enjoyed by older children. In fact, parents will often join in these games as well.


Water activities

One of the most loved activities during summer is water play. Their summer will not be complete without it. You can bring children of all ages to the public pool or better yet set up a swimming area in your backyard. This will help your children, especially the smaller ones, to cool off this summer. For those who are lucky enough to have their own swimming pool in the backyard, it is time to prepare it. You can set up a plastic kiddie pool for infants and toddlers to keep their feet cool. A good thing about a plastic kiddie pool is that you can take it down at the end of summer and keep it in a safe place for next summer.


Have a Picnic

Make your lunchtime fun and exciting by “bringing the kitchen table out”. Your table can be a picnic blanket outside to sit on while they eat. Children will enjoy eating their lunch without having to sit on a chair. Sandwiches, chips, and apple slices with cookies for dessert make a good lunch. There are a number of self-contained drinks to choose from. If children are old enough, let them fix the food. Making funny faces with vegetables and fruits is also fun and adds to their nutrition.


Activities you can enjoy in your backyard this summer are many and varied. These activities we mentioned above are some of the kids favorite that they love to do again and again. Whether your children are active and need to move all the time or would choose to sit and do a quiet activity, your backyard can be a place for all to enjoy.


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