Spring Planting in Florida – Part 2

Spring Planting in Florida – Part 1
March 22, 2018
Shrubs for Spring Planting in Florida – Part 3
April 5, 2018

Florida is known for its harsh weather. Thus, gardeners in the area need to choose wisely the flowers they should plant during a specific season. Here are the best flowers to plant during the springtime in Florida.



If you are looking for low-maintenance plant flowers, the pentas should top your list. With the hot weather Florida has, pentas are the most natural flowers you can grow in your garden. The plant blooms year round, providing attractive clusters of pink, white, red, or lavender flowers. Hummingbirds and butterflies are also attracted to these flowers. You will find different varieties with varying sizes, from dwarf to full size. Falling star is the newest addition to the pentas varieties. Pentas remains low and are used for hanging baskets and ground covers.


To efficiently grow Pentas, grow them in part shade or full sun and well-drained soil. As they start to grow, they can survive moderate drought. Fertilizing them regularly in spring and hot weather will produce attractive flowers in sandy soils. Another option is to use a slow-release fertilizer two or three times a year. You can plant Pentas both in the landscapes and gardens of Central, South, and North Florida.



An interesting piece of information: coreopsis is the official state flower of Florida. It is one of the cheeriest plants that you can grow in your garden. The flowers are daisy-shaped, golden-yellow, and bloom with different shades of gold, red, pink, yellow, and orange.  It attracts butterflies. Coreopsis is drought-tolerant, which helps make it an ideal Florida plant. Some of the varieties of coreopsis grow all throughout spring while others from spring to fall.


Plant the flower in well-drained soil, in part shade, or full sun. Many types are drought tolerant and can take care of themselves. You can plant them in garden beds, borders, and also in containers. These flowers are short-lived perennials in North Florida and annuals in South and Central Florida.


Blue Salvia

The Blue Salvia grows well in the Southwest United States, but it is also abundant in Florida. The plant has impressive features like spires of white or violet-purple throughout spring, fall, and summer, and in winter in the Southern part of the state. Bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies make blue salvia an essential plant for your pollinator gardens.


If you are looking for low-maintenance container planters and landscapes and gardens blue salvia is a good choice. Most of the varieties are 18 to 36” tall and are around 12 to 18” wide. Deer and rabbit don’t like this flower, which, if you live in the country is a bonus. It is best to plant it in well-drained soil and full sun.


These are three of the best flowers to grow in the hot, Florida sun. Of course, they still need water, fertilizer, and keeping away weeds in order for them to grow into healthy and beautiful plants.

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