Spring Planting in Florida – Part 1

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March 12, 2018
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March 29, 2018

It is better to harvest your own veggies than buying them in a store. In Florida, home gardeners can grow different kinds of vegetables all year long. Having your own garden is very convenient, and it is the best way to encourage your family to eat more fresh veggies. The options are endless, with vegetables of all shapes, sizes, and colors.


Creating a plan is the first step. Choose the vegetables that you want to plant, and where your garden will be located. It is essential that your plants get lots of sun and are near the water source. One important thing that you should consider is the weather.


Veggies to Plant During Spring

Spring is the best time to prepare your beds for vegetables. Here are the best vegetables to plant during springtime in Florida.



One of the fastest growing veggies is the arugula. It grows within a few weeks time. But, it needs more water to maintain its growth rate. You can start planting the seeds early in spring.  Cover your garden at the start of the process to help the ground to warm up.



Beets are referred to as a superfood by some nutritionist since they are known to improve health. They are easy to grow, beginning in late March or in early April. It is best to plant them with a few weeks of cool air, as this improves their taste. Gather beets before the temperature rises to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cold weather continues, they will become bigger but If it becomes too warm pick them, or else they will be wasted.



This cooler season crop is full of vitamins and a certain sweetness. A root crop, carrots can be picked early with the right amount of water and sun.Baby carrots are as crunchy as the mature ones and are great for snacking.


Lettuce family

This type of vegetable is available in different flavors and colors and is easy to grow. Sow these seeds indoor while the temperatures are still low because lettuce will not germinate in soil that is 80F or higher. The perfect time to plant lettuce is during springtime, and it will be ready to be picked after two months.



Radishes grow fast from seed to bulb so after a few weeks make sure to check them once in a while to see if they are ready to harvest. Radishes left too long will become tough and very bitter. They are a good choice for beginning gardeners as planting is easy with a high degree for success.


You can either plant seeds in the soil or begin your transplants 6 to 8 weeks before sowing time. For Central and North Florida, March is the recommended planting time for spring gardens. If you want to start earlier, make sure you cover your crops and keep them protected from late frosts.


You can plant frost hardy veggies earlier. If you are in South Florida, you can plant spring vegetables in the winter and summer vegetables in fall, actually two crops a year.

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