Shrubs for Spring Planting in Florida – Part 3

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March 29, 2018
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April 12, 2018

The best time of the year when it comes to gardening is during early spring.  This is when the air starts to warm, cute little green buds are starting to swell, and the early spring bloomers are coming out in a sudden spark of shade against bare branches. If you are like others that love to see blooming shrubs in early spring, make sure your garden includes one of the shrubs mentioned in this post. Here are two of the best shrubs to plant during springtime in Florida.


If you are looking for unique shrubs that you can include in your garden, you should not forget Viburnum. Whether you plant them because of their showy flowers, brilliant foliage and stem color, colorful berries, or wonderful fragrance this plant has a lot to offer.

Viburnum blooms during the early spring up to mid-late summer. Blooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Doublefile variety has layered bloom while the snowball bush, the most common viburnum, has blooms resembling a snowball. Interestingly, a Korean Viburnum is known for its spicy smell.

Foliage is usually oval, with leaves that come out to a point. The Doublefile variety has prominent veins. Cranberry bush, on the other hand, is one with the least number of lobed leaves.


This plant is an under-used shrub that deserves to be noticed. It belongs to the hydrangea family that blooms showy clusters of white, pink, or purple/blue flowers in summer or spring.

Deutzias is famous for its white blooms. When the plant is at full-blown, it is covered with blossoms so close together you will not notice a single leaf. Although most of the time it has white blossoms, you will find pink selections as well. The blooms are gorgeous, as well as the flower buds which are perfect little spheres. Deutzia does not require extensive maintenance. Planted it in well-drained soil. As soon as plants become established, they can survive drought well.

Deutzia is best planted in full sun to take advantage of the full color and flower buds. Some deutzia may turn deep burgundy red. For other varieties of Deutzia such as Chardonnay Pearls, it is best to place them away from direct sun since their blooms can burn in too much sun. Check with a plant specialist to make sure you know which type of deutzia you have and how best to plant it.

Choosing the best shrubs to plant in springtime is not an easy job. Go online to learn about the choices best suited to Florida’s weather and growing seasons. You will also want to check at a local nursery to find out which plants and shrubs are best suited to your particular location.

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