Secrets of Butterfly Gardening in Central Florida Part Three – Types of butterflies found in Central Florida

How to Create a Butterfly Garden
Secrets of Butterfly Gardening in Central Florida Part Two – The seven steps to creating a butterfly garden
August 26, 2019
Growing Herbs in Central Florida
Growing Herbs in Central Florida
September 6, 2019

As was discussed in the first part of this series, butterflies need specific plants on which to lay their eggs. This is why it is important to know which butterflies are in your area and what type of plant is required if you hope to attract them. There are many kinds of butterflies in Central Florida. Here are some of the most popular, their wingspan, when they fly, and what are their host plants.:

American Lady, wingspan 2.1-2.7”, flies in Spring and Fall, host plant Cudweed

 ZebraHeliconian, wingspan 2.3-4”, flies all year, host plant Passionvine

Red-Spotted Purple, wingspan 3-4”, flies Spring-Fall, host plants, Wild Cherry, Deerberry, Carolina Willow

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, wingspan 3.7-6.8”, flies Spring-Fall, host plant Sweet Bay

Monarch, wingspan 3.4-5”, flies all year, host plant Milkweed

Great Southern White, wingspan 2.5-3.4”, flies all year, host plants Limber Capertree, Saltwort, Peppergrass

 Aaron’s Skipper, wingspan 1.4-1.8”, flies Spring-Fall, host plants grasses

 Little Wood Satyr, wingspan 1.6-1.9”, flies Spring, host plants grasses and sedges

 Cloudless Sulphur, wingspan 2.5-3.1”, flies all year, host plants Sennas, Partridge Peas

Queen, wingspan 3.2-3.9”, flies all year, host plantsWhitevine,  Swallowwart, Milkweeds

 Common Buckeye, wingspan 1.6-2.7”, flies all year, host plants False Foxglove, Bluehearts, Toadflax

 Hackberry Emperor, wingspan 1.9-2.6”, flies Spring-Fall, host plant Hackberries

Gulf Fritillary, wingspan 2.6-3.8”, flies all year, host plant Passionvines

 Viceroy, wingspan, 2.7-3.4”, flies Spring-Fall, host plant Carolina Willow

 Red Admiral, wingspan 2.3-3’, flies Spring-Fall, host plants Pellitory, False Nettle

Butterfly gardens are fun to plan and grow. Watching these beautiful creatures flit through your yard brings great pleasure and a sense of peace. Knowing you have contributed to the fascinating world of nature brings self-esteem for the gardener and a place for the butterflies to thrive.

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