Planning Your Landscape – Part 1 Lot Planning

Cactus Gardening in Florida
Cactus Gardening in Florida
June 6, 2019
plant shrub and tree selection
Planning Your Landscape Part 2 – Plant, Shrub, and Tree Selection
June 21, 2019

There are many times when a person buys a home with the landscaping, for the most part, already done. Some changes can be made, and perhaps a garden put in, but essentially someone else has decided where grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers are planted. Then there are times when a person has decided to buy land and then have the home built from the bottom up. When this is the case, the landscaping will be planned by the person (persons) who will live in the house and enjoy the lot around it. Sometimes there is a great deal of property with lots of trees and vegetation already there, but more likely the lot is no more than a quarter acre with few trees and plants you would want to keep. Either way, it is up to those who will occupy the home to plan how the lot will be landscaped. In other words, where will the grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers be placed and perhaps a vegetable garden as well. These decisions should be made once the placement of the home is decided.

Whenever possible, it is nice to have the whole family in on the landscaping plan. You can start with the children and find out what they would like; what are their interests in relation to spending time in the yard. For example, young children enjoy room to play on the grass, have a sandbox, a swing set, and maybe even climbing equipment and a slide. Older children enjoy a trampoline, space to throw a ball, play a little football, and, if possible, a pool underground or above ground. Adults favor areas for quiet relaxation such as shade trees, maybe a gazebo, and frequently flower beds, fruit trees, and a vegetable garden. And, let’s not forget the pets. They too need room to enjoy the outside and be kept safe while doing so. And, last but not least, the car(s) will need a driveway.

So much to think about and to plan for! In the best of circumstances, it is wise to hire a professional landscaper to help with drawing up plans as to what will work best for you and yours. As each home is a reflection of the people living there, you will want to have the landscaper incorporate what is important for your individual taste and needs. There are several things you need to consider as you put together the plan for your homes’ landscaping:

  • Make a detailed sketch of the area around your home. Keep in mind the ideas of those who will be using the area have expressed.
  • Decide what trees and vegetation can be kept
  • Draw in driveways, fences, garbage can placement, airconditioner outside unit, pet areas, storage sheds, compost piles, walkways, patios, and areas for growing flowers and vegetables, and when appropriate, water areas such as pools and fountains.
  • Using colors, sketch in grassy areas (green), children’s play areas (red), adult rest and eating areas (purple) flowers, (yellow), trees (brown for shade trees, orange for fruit trees), water areas (blue), walkways, driveways, patios, (gray), vegetable garden (brown) and fences (black). Simple drawings can be used for garbage cans, pet shelters, etc.

Once you have determined how you would like the area around your home landscaped it is time to call a professional landscaper to help make your plans a reality. If you live in Ocala, Florida and surrounding areas Best Cut Lawns, with 25 years of successful lawn and landscaping service is ready to help. You can call (352) 216-0513 for information and a free estimate of your landscaping needs.


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