Pavers Basics For Your Landscape

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Most beautiful landscapes around homes find their foundations quite literally lie in the stonework that makes up the driveways and paths. Pavers are the man-made stone tiling made up from either concrete or stone and can be used to make anything from driveways and roads to patios and walkways. These stone blocks have a lot of advantages and disadvantages with regards to installation and general use. Use of pavers goes back centuries, and the invention of the paper marked the invention of “paved” roads. In the modern day, most pavers are poured concrete in molds and shaped to be more brick-like and form-fitting in nature. It’s important to note that working with pavers is a very demanding and labor intensive. These are heavy stones that sometimes need to be cut. Pavers typically fall into two main categories, interlocking concrete pavers and stone pavers. Concrete pavers are by the more popular choice as they are much less expensive and more widely available and accessible. Stone pavers, on the other hand, can run high in cost and should be installed with more care and attention. Typically, pavers are laid without the use of adhesive and settle into place from the weight of themselves making them easy to form in unique patterns and shapes. Some very intricate and beautiful work can be done with the use of pavers. This not only adds tremendous value to your home but upgrades the look and feel of your home and landscape.

The pros of pavers are strong when compared to things like poured concrete or asphalt. Pavers are inherently easy to install. They have flat bottoms, clear, distinctive shapes, and fits, as well as consistent sizing. This means popular pavers like the interlocking concrete ones install quickly and efficiently and can be changed around and adjusted with ease as well. Pavers are also slip resistant. In places like the driveway especially concrete or stone pavers, both offer excellent traction and therefore safety. One problem with things like poured concrete is cracks. And this is a major problem as it looks terrible even when repaired. This problem is almost eliminated by the sturdiness of individual blocks and the replaceable nature of the system.

The drawbacks of pavers are worth mentioning. It’s always important to understand the limitations of the materials and resources you are using. There is no perfect option for anything and understanding the limitations of things goes a long way in working together with nature and home. The first thing worth mentioning is the color changed. Surface wear is a natural process like any other, and it will have some effect, even if limited, on your pavers over time. Some pavers can be bought with added protective layers design to wear before the main surface like a brake pad. Color change related to time, sun, and use is one thing, but there is also the potential for staining as well. This problem isn’t shared by pavers alone, almost all of the surfaces you will use in your landscape can stain from things like oil. More often than not, however, a round of power washing can do the trick to clean it. The final drawback worth mentioning is the weeding. Since pavers are simply laid natural on tamped and prepared ground, with space, life will always find a way through the cracks and crevices. The regularity of this makes it generally easy to predict and handle, but it is important to be prepped for the extra labor.

For a better landscape, pavers are the obvious choice to integrate with the land and nature around your home. Other options can be rigid and resistant to the natural forces that bring a home and landscape character. Local landscaping companies are generally the most experienced and best choice for your local residential paver jobs. They will know about best deals for stone, layouts and neighborhood trends.

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