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February 3, 2018
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Landscaping with rocks - commercial landscaping

Interesting and intriguing ways to integrate rocks into your landscaping

What can be more attractive than ordinary landscapes? Well, among the most good-looking and state-of-the-art landscapes are the ones that are creatively integrated with rocks which further help in bringing out the beauty and elegance of your home. With the practical and decorative use of rocks in your garden, the value of your property can even increase. Although your plants may be the center of attention in your garden, the artistic concept of having rocks around it definitely makes it even more prominent.

There are limitless possibilities in landscaping with the use of rocks and here are some of them.

Rocks in Patio Structure
You can create your own patio using rocks. Patios or verandas are a great way to connect the indoors to the outdoors. An extended patio is a fascinating substitute for lawns, taking up the space of lawn grass which could have been planted. Also, creating a patio made of rocks has lower maintenance as well as is beneficial in cutting down your watering needs.

Rocks in Securing Planting Beds
Another great addition to your planting bed is by incorporating rocks to anchor or secure it. With the use of rocks, your plant bed will be highlighted and its beauty will be further enhanced if creatively designed.

Rocks for Your Water Garden
There are different avenues to integrate rocks into your landscaping and one of them is with the combination of water, plants, and rocks through a water garden. Aside from constructing rock fountains, it could be very interesting to combine these ingredients and come up with impressive scenery. Your water garden doesn’t have to be big to stand out, even a small one can do the trick.

Stone Wall Formation
Piling up rocks and forming it into a small stone wall formation creates more options for planting. For the first layer, dig rocks into the soil then level it to provide a more secure foundation. For the next layer, arrange the rocks above the first layer.

Small Rock Garden
If you have in your backyard a slope that is quite hard to mow, you can use some fine-looking rocks and set them up on the hill so you can make a nice small flat planting expanse.

Create a Dry Creek or Stream
Creating a dry stream is fairly simple to undertake. Dig a ditch, line it up with rocks and soil, then fill it up with gravel. It appears like a creek or stream and serves to gather excess rainwater. This is an attractive, functional, sustainable, and fairly low-cost piece of art.

Create a Stone Pathway
Set up an attractive and eye-catching pathway made of small rocks or stones for those shady areas where there is minimal sunlight for your plants to grow. This can also be a practical way of keeping your shoes clean when treading up to a back door or side door. Surround your stepping stones with tiny pebbles in different colors.

Design a Centerpiece
If you have an oversized and unusually shaped rock, it can serve as a striking work of art. It can add a graphic interest to a somehow dull border area, like a hedge.

Using rocks can often go as far as your imagination will take them. Take advantage of their beauty and uniqueness to liven up your landscaping whenever possible.

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