Increasing Home Value Through Landscaping

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January 11, 2019
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January 31, 2019

Landscaping not only gives you a beautiful yard to look at and enjoy; but can also add significant value to your home and property. The effects of landscaping as it relates to home value have been closely studied and tested for years. Housing, in general, is a pillar of the country’s industry, and landscaping is just one of many areas to focus on when trying to increase value in a home, but it happens to be one of the most effective as well. Studies show that if two homes beside each other are for sale, the one with the best-landscaped yard almost always sells first. As an example, a new bathroom yields around 75% return on installation in the best cases. A well-maintained landscape can give you anywhere from 100% to 200% percent return on your efforts. The overall design, materials, and plants used all play a role in how much value is added. A custom landscaped yard that stands apart from your neighbors is a huge selling point when it comes to your home. Here we will go over how the main parts of your yard that contribute to the overall picture when it comes to increasing value.

We begin at the bedrock of landscaping. When it comes to adding value, hardscaping is a hard avenue to beat. Hardscaping includes all of the stone and concrete related work that makes up walkways, driveways, walls, and much more. The complexity and quality of work shown in a walkway or driveway will absolutely aid in adding value to your home. Not only does quality work pay off in the end but also the quality of materials. More expensive stones like true cobble or river stones are great value adders; concrete will give some value but not as much as a well-done paver patio. Major expenses for home care over the course of its lifespan include periodic repairs of these exact places, and quality work tells a potential buyer that is one less thing they have to worry about for years to come.

Landscaping can also improve your home security. Planting specific trees or shrubs near windows can prevent break-ins. Insurance agencies put a higher value on landscaping and will pay several hundred dollars to replace trees struck by lightning. Plant and tree selection is another important point of note when it comes to value. There are a lot of highly desirable and sometimes even rare trees that can make your home much more desirable. In addition to the selection of species, placement will also make a big difference. The value here is most often garnered through increased security from specific placement. Bushes and shrubs in and around windows make it harder for the public or intruders to see inside.

When it comes to your lawn and grass, a well-kept lawn is a major selling point for a home. There are three important options to consider, traditional grass, turf grass or sod, and artificial turf. All three have pros and cons and can be equally desirable based on preferences. The critical factor to consider is maintenance and visual appeal. An unkempt lawn signals more work and more money for the buyer.

Increasing your home’s value through landscaping is one of the best tools a homeowner can have when they are looking to sell or even to add equity to their portfolio. Often simple solutions can make considerable differences in visual appeal and give your home the extra edge in your neighborhood.

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