How to Maintain and Care for Succulents

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Maintain and Care for Succulents

Have you ever wonder why succulents are getting popular these days? It’s because it is one of the cutest types of plants that require less maintenance. It can adorn your living room table as well as your office desk. Succulents are easy to care for, but you need to learn the basics first if you have plans for buying one. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a cold or hot place, succulents can grow and survive inside your home. Keep them away from vents, dark corners, and electronics. You can place them anywhere else if you plant them in good soil and have enough sunshine. Here are five important things you need to grow succulents:


If you purchased your succulents from an online store or nursery, the first thing you need to do is to transfer them to a pot. Sellers of succulents usually place them in small plastic pots and very absorbent planting soil which is not ideal for this type of plant. Move them into a bigger terra cotta container with drainage holes and use soil that dries easily. Succulents don’t grow if they are planted in wet soil, thus a drainage hole is very important. You also need to consider the size of your pots. If you place them in a pot that discourages growth, they won’t thrive.


Succulents grow and live long in soil that does not hold water. If you are already using gardening soil, you can add perlite or pumice to your mixture. You can also buy Gritty Mix soil, which imitates the natural soil succulents prefer to grow in. Using a combination of pine bark fines, crushed granite, and surface is yet another good option. These types of mixtures can pull the water away from the plants.


To help the succulent thrive and live longer, they need to have enough access to bright light. Position them in the sunniest window in your home for 6 hours each day. According to experts, south-facing windows can provide them with the sunlight they need all day long.


The trickiest parts of caring for succulents is knowing how much water they need. According to Darren Irwin, a founder of The Succulent Source, water them when dry, but never when the soil is moist, damp, or wet. When watering the succulents drench the soil using pitchers, pipettes, or cans. If you notice that water is flowing out the drainage hole, it means your plant has enough water. Make sure that it is dry when you water again.

Seasonal Care

For areas with more extreme weather changes, you need to take some extra steps to ensure the vitality and health of your succulents. During cold winter nights, keep your succulents protected against the cold by placing a frost cloth. If it drops below 0, place them somewhere that will keep them warm. During summer, when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, keep them from getting sunburnt. Place them in a shadier place.

Final Words

The best thing about growing succulents is they really look good anywhere you place them. Succulent gardening is supposed to be therapeutic and fun, so enjoy.

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