How to Improve Your Curb Appeal

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It’s all about that Curb Appeal when it comes to your home’s exterior. Curb Appeal is your home’s first impression to the world every day. It is the full picture of your home from street side to front door. Great curb appeal means inviting and beautifully landscaped lawns, plants, and foliage that work together to create flow and tranquility for those coming and going. Having a well-maintained and eye-catching landscape can offer you daily peace of mind and can increase your home’s value. There are many different areas of your landscape to consider and give attention to in order to improve your curb appeal.


The largest ornament in your yard is your home. The first thing that you’ll want to consider when planning out better or more attractive curb appeal is what will look good with your specific home. Shapes, variations of size, lines, and symmetry are all major factors that you will want to take into consideration when trying to improve curb appeal. The best sources for advice on how to accomplish this comes from the pros, the landscapers, the people who see homes every day and work hard to cultivate the land we live on.


The natural variations and shapes of your land are not things to work against in most instances. Sometimes the most visually stimulating curb appeal can come from accentuating and incorporating the various changes in your landscape. Working with the depressions in the landscape or the small hills help to add flare and uniqueness to the land.


Bold and powerful hardscaping lends well to curb appeal. The current trends in landscape design point to more brick and paver work. Even fun things like adding vintage seating or fountains will be a great addition. Extra concrete work, more defined walls, and edging are other great additions to your yard. Particularly hardscaping that focuses on the areas of entry up to your door tend to tie everything together as well. Hardscaping is a bit of an investment but it really does make your home and lawn stand out in impactful ways.


There is just no substitute for routine and scheduled maintenance as well. It is the crucial mechanism to getting and keeping great curb appeal for your home. Planning and selecting the initial setup of your yard is one thing but keeping it clean and fresh is really the primary goal. It should be noted as well that your look will change and evolve with the seasons. It’s definitely possible to manage this on your own, but it can be even more rewarding when you work together with local experts to build curb appeal that’s not only attractive to you but also goes well within your community.


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