Flowering Trees and Spring Planting in Florida – Part 4

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April 5, 2018
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April 19, 2018

Florida is known for attractive, small growing trees that bloom throughout the state during springtime. You will see purple trumpet trees covered with trumpet-shaped flowers with lavender color. Most of the trees that grow in springtime are 12 to 18 feet tall having a 10-15 ft. spread. Flowering trees grow best in areas where they can receive full sun because they can tolerate drought. Some trees provide lovely flowers, and others are used as shade.

Here are the best trees to plant during springtime in Florida.


Fringetree is a small Florida native, deciduous tree that stands at 12-20 feet tall and has a spread of 10-15 feet. It bears white flowers in spring and prefers acid soils. Best placed where the sun is full, Fringetree attracts birds and can survive in cold weather.

The name Fringetree comes from its cloud like, softly fragrant flowers that hang from the branches in early summer and late spring. Some people call it grace, graybeard, or old man’s beard.

The tree can either be female or male. Those with larger, showier blooms are known to be males, while the females produce lovely, blackish-blue fruits that attract birds.

Coral Bean

As compared to Fringetree, the coral bean is smaller. It stands at 5- 15 feet tall and spreads at 4-8 feet. Plant the Coral Bean in well-drained soil. Fortunately, it tolerates both cold and hot weather.

The Coral Bean belongs to the leguminous family. It is also called the Cherokee bean. Leaves are alternate and grouped with three arrow-head shaped leaflets. Be careful with its stem as the stems have thorns that are pointing downward.

The Coral Bean tree bears red tubular flowers that appear in spring. Their flowers may look like a bunch of twigs, but in spring you get a chance to see the red flowers, Beans are white at first and will turn to red as they mature.

Hummingbirds are attracted to these flowers.

Sweet Acacia

Sweet acacia is a semi-evergreen tree. It bears small yellow puff-like flowers that smell good and can grow from 12 feet up to 18 feet with dark green foliage. The sweet acacia is known for attracting birds.

Sweet acacia grows in coastal hammocks, along roadsides, and inland hammocks. You can also plant them in open sandy woods and clearings. The tree can be in full sun with average moisture. It tolerates transplanting very well.

If any of the trees mentioned above can fit your garden, and you have the right growing conditions, why not consider growing one this spring? Its shade will keep you cool throughout future summers, and the flowers will surely brighten your day.

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