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July 21, 2017
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Are there any vegetables that will grow in the Florida heat? Which vegetables thrive in the summertime?

Many growers in Florida have their off-peak season during summer time. Because of the heat experienced in this part of the country, traditional crops can be unproductive during that time. Nevertheless, there are vegetables that can actually withstand Florida’s heat and can be productive at the same time.

For your garden to be successful, your crops need to have a good head start to allow them to put up a fight against diseases as well as insect pressure during the hot and humid weather. So if you are ready to brave the heat, go on and plant. Here are some of the vegetables that have the capacity to withstand and thrive in Florida’s heat wave.

Sweet Potato
A starchy and sweet tuber, sweet potatoes can be cultivated well during summer and couldn’t be a tastier, easier and more bountiful crop to grow. Limber up the soil to give enough room to plant the slips and cover with some compost. Water them every now and then.

Sweet, hot, and bell pepper can all grow and thrive during summer time in Florida. Hot peppers can be planted in a pot and you can enjoy them for years.

A native in West Africa, this Hibiscus species is a beautiful plant in your garden. A tangy and tasty tea can be made from its calyxes. It is technically not a vegetable but is grown like such.

Butter or Lima Beans
Beans are generative growers, high in protein and low in fat. This legume is a great addition to your vegetable garden in summer time. Though small in size, beans are drought tolerant, twining, vigorous, and pretty.

This vegetable is perennial in most gardens and even during summer, it can actually grow and thrive without much problem.

These legumes are drought-tolerant and can endure the extreme heat in Florida. A prolific and resilient crop, it is also high in protein. Likewise, cowpeas have the capability to repair atmospheric nitrogen, bringing nutrients into the soil. You can even let them commandeer your garden totally to modify your soil and get ready for fall planting.

Another easy to grow pod, okra can be planted in summer. A staple in many households, okras are easy to cook. Simply cut in small pieces and sauté them in your preferred oil, or you can cook them whole.

Just like okra, a cassava is an undemanding and easy crop. It is delicious when boiled, mashed, fried, or stewed. The more you provide your cassava plant tender loving care, the better they produce. And, even without additional fertilizer or water, they can still look excellent and can produce something succulent.

These are just some of the vegetables that can be grown even in Florida’s heat. Keep in mind that Florida is a big state and the dates of planting these crops can vary based on your location. So, enjoy your summer and enjoy planting!

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