Fences For Your Furry Friends And Fences For You

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It’s never been more popular to adopt a furry friend or take in one of the unfortunate animals in shelters all across the nation. It’s wonderful to see an increase in popularity for the home pet and with that comes particular needs for your home and yard. These needs often provide extra benefits to your normal life in addition to the companionship of your fur family. One of the biggest fears pet owners have for their pets is losing them from the backyard. We want our companions to enjoy the natural outdoors, but the human world can be a dangerous place so we must be vigilant and protective. Fencing has been the standard for homeland management for centuries.

A fence for your pet and yard can also make enjoying your own backyard yourself much easier. Whether its playing fetches or running around and playing tug-o-war, a fence can give you peace of mind and freedom to maneuver and play more effectively. There are four fences to choose from, and each has specific pros and cons to take note of. Before you choose, make sure to keep in mind whether or not your pet likes to dig, climb, or jump high. The four types of fences most often used to protect a yard are chain link fences, wood privacy fences, vinyl fences, and electric fences.

Chain link fencing is a common option used throughout the country and has been a staple in the fencing industry for years. The biggest drawback to the chain link for most homeowners is style and visual appeal. In recent years more and more options for the coloring of chain link as well as size have become available. People enjoy this option for the extra visual perspective on the outside of the yard though, and chain link fencing will remain one of the best options for years to come.

Wood Fencing in contrast to chain link is a little bit more on the higher end of cost. However, that extra cost goes straight to high quality, highly desired warm wood with much greater privacy. Wood fencing can completely conceal your yard with matching colors to your home. Wood fencing is strong and very pet-friendly. It can obstruct view a little, but that usually comes with the territory of the complete privacy that wood fencing offers.

Vinyl Fencing is very similar to wood fencing in look but not much else. It is the alternative to the high cost of natural woods. It too is very pet-friendly, like wood fencing, but is made of composite plastic materials. The savings in cost comes at the price of durability. Many professional landscapers will tell you that vinyl fencing is easy to break or chip and might need replacing or repair more often than wood.

Invisible or electric fences are the final option to consider. Many homeowners don’t want any obstruction or separation from the outside world but still need to protect their furry loved ones. There are varied opinions on the use of these electric collars, and most people and professionals will advise against if at all possible. It can be useful for a short period for training, but prolonged use could be relatively unnecessary or ill-advised.

No matter what type of fence you choose you can rest assured that your pet will be kept safe from the dangers of modern life. Fencing will also help preserve your lawn and protect your gardens from significant intrusion and natural erosion. The many benefits of fencing, especially with the pets, are undeniable and can help improve the quality of your life by offering more freedom and peace of mind when enjoying your backyard.

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