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Mowing in fall

Just how much should you mow? Is more or less better?

The end of summer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also the end of your lawn care. Although the nights are beginning to get longer, you can still enjoy your lawn during the fall season. A lot of homeowners think lawns need less maintenance during fall since the grass grows more slowly than usual. Actually, it’s the other way around. During fall months, your grass is actively absorbing moisture, nutrients, and energy in preparation for a lengthy and dormant winter. Give it equal attention now and you will have yourself a healthy, green, and lush spring lawn.

During fall, you should continue to mow and water your lawn as needed. You don’t have to mow as much for the last few weeks of fall. And when fall time draws to a close, gradually drop the blade of your lawn mower to its lowest setting each time you mow until the grass length is approximately at 1 ½ inches high. This will allow the crown of the grass to be reached by sunlight.

Keep in mind that as you drop the mower blade gradually, you need not mow more than 1/3 of the grass at any given time, because any more than what is required will shock your grass. Ideally, it’s easier to mow during the night, when the sun is out of sight and not beating down on your grass. Also, It is during fall that you need to mow your lawn less often as compared to summer.

For cool season grasses, adjusting your lawn mower height during the fall season is actually never an issue. Simply set it as you normally do, until such time when the grass stops growing, then mowing has to stop.

Overseed your lawn during fall. You can spread over a fall grass seed like ryegrass on your lawn, then water lightly 2x a day until the seed grows and reaches its mower height. Ryegrass is considered a fantastic protective cover all throughout the winter season and remains existing until the permanent grass develops next spring.

Those leaves shredded by your lawn mower will feed your lawn. But, remove them when they tend to overwhelm your lawn. If you want a fresh soil conditioner for next summer, compost the leaves. Leaving a pile of leaves on your lawn can thin your grass and can keep out the sunlight.

Mowing your grass before winter time helps in keeping it well-maintained and healthy during the colder months. Without doing that, your lawn can develop mold and fungus. Always remember to keep your lawn looking great by mowing it at the right time and at the right height using sharp blades.


If you want professional help, you may want to hire a reliable lawn care services provider to assist you in mowing your lawn in fall.

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