Fall Décor and More For Your Lawn

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Expert Advice on Fall Flower Management
November 15, 2018
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November 27, 2018

It’s October and the season of fall is here with shorter days and longer nights, coupled with lovely changes in the trees and foliage. Fall decorating is a great way to capitalize on the season and help make your home stand out and your lawn to be a source of fun and joy for your family and neighborhood. Decorating for fall is a time-honored tradition for many, and it can be done on any scale. Decorating the lawn for fall can also be easier to handle with the help of your landscaper since there is still a lot to be done during this season in the way of grass, leaves, and trees. In this entry, we will go over some useful lawn and landscape tips related to fall decorating.

The big decorations extravaganza of the season is none other than  Halloween. Halloween decorations are usually the biggest, most spread out, highest in numbers,  and the messiest. Most homeowners will tell you it’s worth it though, and most landscapers do their best to work around these large displays. Some important things to note with decorations. Always be sure to use brightly colored extension cords, so your landscaper doesn’t miss them and do some electrical damage. Also, make sure to be energy conscience with the big electronic or pump based displays. Lots of the blow-up decorations people have come to love recently work on an air pump system that is easily clogged by your typical fall debris including leaves and twigs. Keeping up with the falling leaves and grass cutting is crucial in getting the most out of your fall décor.

Decorating your home hardscaping, flower beds, and lawn can be done using lots of natural elements with an eye toward implementing fall specific plants and flowers. One example of a very popular fall flower is the chrysanthemum, a truly beautiful flower that comes in many different colors and thrives well in the lower light conditions towards the end of the season. A typical combination is to use this in conjunction with makeshift pumpkin planters for the October and November months. Little combinations like this can add flare and curb appeal to your home through the fall season. Your local landscapers will also almost always be stocked with these plants since many commercial businesses have them changed each year for the seasonal shift. For these types of natural and Thanksgiving-like decorations working together with your landscaper finding the right plants and setups is a great way to put the fine edge on a great display. A lot of people tend to under-utilize landscapers when it comes to decorating for seasons, but it’s a great way to build better relationships with the experts helping you, and it looks good for their portfolios as well.

In general, people are in love with fall decorating, and the possibilities are endless. From pumpkin planters, graves, webs, and fall leaf wreaths there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to fall décor.

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