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Keeping your lawn mowed and your land properly landscaped may be a common chore, but it is no easy feat. Anyone who has spent a few hours in the afternoon heat struggling with getting that pristine look knows how subtly complicated the endeavor can be. Time is everything in today’s world, and so if you are going to opt into mowing your lawn, there are a couple of trade secrets from landscapers that might help you out. The first thing most people don’t realize is that mowing your lawn is a 3 step process and only one of those steps involves the mower itself. Those three steps are centered around the tools of the trade, the mower, the weed whacker, and the blower. Here are some real tips from experts on how to handle a lawn like a pro.


Most experts will agree that if you have to handle a lawn solo, then it’s best to start with the mowing. Now the type of mower you have will make all the difference. If you are wondering if investing in a higher-end mower will offset the increased cost you can be sure that it will. A more powerful mower with a large deck will make it easier and easier to get your lawn cut. The best way to do the cut is to start by outlining your yard. The outline will help guide straighter lines. From the outline, you can then to alternating up and down in a direct pattern left or right across the yard. Most people will start with the front, work their way to the back and then spot check on the way out for any misses or problem areas. Its best to cut grass on a weekly schedule and with that you can cut fun patterns into your lawn as well.

Weed Whacking

After the majority of the lawn is cut its time to do to the detail work. Weed Whacking is the next stage of the lawn mowing process. The idea behind the weed whacking at its core is to get all the spots that your mower could not easily reach. The most effective method of doing this is following the outlines of your lawn, beds, home, and decorations. This ensures that you even out the height with rest of your cut and sometimes go a little lower around the edging of things to pop them out visually. One trick many pros use it to turn the whacker upside down and trim along the edges of driveways and sidewalks to give a nice little edge to everything that clearly defines the borders.


Once everything is cut and trimmed to a good height, it is time for cleanup. Backpack blowers or hand blowers are your choices here, and as with mowers the more you spend on a blower, the less time it’ll take to clean up. The principle here is to blow off clippings and debris from all the hard surfaces. Some people have access to woods they can blow them towards; some people prefer to mix in clippings to their yard for fertilizer. Either way, once you’ve cleared the clippings and such out with a blower you can sit back and enjoy your fresh cut lawn.

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