Expert Advice on Tree and Shrub Care

Fall Leaf Cleanup
Expert Advice on Leaf Cleanups For Fall
November 3, 2018
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Expert Advice on Fall Flower Management
November 15, 2018

In the landscaping industry tree and shrub care can be difficult and challenging. One very common request for professional landscapers is to help fix or take care of a problem tree or shrub that might throw the whole look of their landscape off. Saving these shrubs and trees is tricky and so is getting honest and forthright help on the problem. Fixing and caring for these plants correctly is a complicated process in general. There are also a variety of factors that you’ll want to get a handle on to understand any issues that might be plaguing trees or shrubs in your yard. Here are three important pieces of advice to consider when caring for trees and shrubs.


The very first thing you should know when you need a tree or shrub repaired or cared for is that solutions take time with these plants. Changes and repairs generally will not show immediately so in that way it differs from the immediate gratification that other landscaping services provide. The reality is that there are many factors which will change and alter the overall health of your plan. Precipitation for that year, average temperatures, insect populations, and even the soil conditions are all major factors that need to be considered. So, patience is key when your desired result can sometimes take years to come to fruition.


Along with patience comes timing and also technique. Common problems include things like premature yellowing of leaves, rot, broken branches, or hydration issues. Care is the other end of the equation and amounts to proper trimming and visually based maintenance. Both repairs and care work best during certain seasons at specific times. For example, some problems can be fixed with increasing hydration going into the dry season to offset any weakness brought on by climate. Application of fungicides for leaf preservation is best made in the spring. Researching your plant and understand its cycles is key, but often this responsibility can be offset by just hiring an experienced and trustworthy landscaper.


There is an old adage that applies well to landscaping in general: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Treatment of specific problems will vary widely. The bottom line is that working with professionals (even if its just asking your local nursery attendants) can help you have the right expectations and results. Treating trees and shrubs will, at the end of the day, add value to your property. Some reports have shown that you can add up to 10% more value on a home with beautiful and proper landscaping.

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