Edging Your Lawn

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Edging Your Lawn

Tips for edging properly and the best tool for the job.

Edging is one way of beautifying your lawn and transforming it into a lovely landscape. It provides a manicured and finished look that helps in preventing invasion of grass on your flower beds, walkway, patio or driveway. Likewise, edging helps in keeping guests on pathways.

Edging your lawn doesn’t only rely on knowing what techniques or methods you should use, but also the right tools for the job. You have 2 options when edging your lawn. You can use a manual edging tool or you can use a gas-powered or electric edging tool. You can use the half-moon edger which has a big blade shaped like a half-moon as your manual edging tool. When edging your lawn using this tool, simply thrust into the ground until its lip touches the soil, and sway it from side to side, then pull back gently and dig the soil.

Use your manual tool to produce smooth or flowing edges. The manual edging tool functions perfectly, against a planting bed’s slight curve. Just spray paint your arched edge or set down your garden hose on the edge you desire to create and start edging. Be careful of plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and other underground hazards that you may accidentally stumble on. Communicate with your local utility company before edging any sizeable lawn.

Edge around planters and flower beds using a manual edger. You can take away a small amount of soil or any organic matter as you edge. Keep in mind not to take away an excessive amount of lawn as you edge, take away just enough lawn to clearly outline your edge.

You can use the weed wacker or power edger around footpaths and sidewalks. When you have a big lawn, using a power edger can save time. Generally, this machine has a spherical cutting wheel and 2 to 3 tip blades.

A power edger is perfect around right angles and straight lines, but not so, on lines where the borders are not well-defined. Although a power edger is more efficient than your manual edger, it does not mean that the result is better. As you walk using your power edger, hold it completely rigid and at a level pace. Move your body and keep your arms steady to make a straight cut on the grass.

Take your time when edging especially when using your power tool, cut slowly but surely, so you won’t have to go back to the same spot too many times. And since you’re using a powerful tool, it can blaze through the lawn a lot faster, so be careful. When using a power tool, begin cutting shallowly. Go through the process again, making various passes to create a deep-seated cut.

Whatever process you choose in edging, you can transform your footpath, pathway, driveway, and flower beds into a beautiful and artistically designed landscape. Using the right edging tool and practicing the best way to edge your particular yard and garden will result in the stylish, manicured look you hope for.

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