Benefits to Aerating Your Lawn

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Before discussing the reasons you should consider aerating your lawn it is important to have an understanding of just exactly what the term “aerating” means. Aerating is the practice of penetrating the soil by punching small holes in it to allow for increased water absorption and an infusion of oxygen into the soil. This can be done by hand by punching into the topsoil every foot or so over the entire area using a tool such as a screwdriver or a pitchfork. As this method is too time consuming for a large area there is a special tool with spikes on it to use or a tool pulled behind a tractor which is designed to remove small cores of the top layer of earth. Having a professional lawn care service perform the aeration process is highly advisable unless your area needing aeration is very small.

But why would an ordinary lawn need aeration if you are not trying for your lawn to be pictured in a “Better Homes and Garden Magazine” magazine? Essentially, it’s just like our health. We can fill out bodies with junk food and sodas and only occasionally eat and drink healthy and likely feel okay most of the time. However, if we eat a healthy diet filled with nutrients and drink plenty of water our bodies will respond with vigorous health and usually far less illness than a nutrition and water starved body. Grass, too, needs plenty of water, oxygen, and nutrients to grow to be healthy and green and to ward off insects, molds, and disease. By aerating, the roots of grass can better absorb the solution of water, oxygen, and other nutrients so necessary to vibrant health. You can imagine this by thinking of the difference between breathing inside a sleeping bag and breathing in the fresh air of outside, and by drinking with a straw versus drinking from a glass.

The soil grass resides in needs to be loose and filled with air pockets to allow ample oxygen and water infusion to the roots. Nutrients applied by the caregiver also need to find the roots for absorption. In time, especially on lawns where children play, grownups picnic, and pets romp the soil becomes compacted and aeration becomes vitally necessary to maintain a loosened soil, and thus a healthy lawn. While aeration of your lawn can be done at any time, there are “best times” depending on your type of grass. Mid spring to early summer is recommended for warm season grasses and Early fall is recommended for cool season grasses.

Once again, it is highly recommended to use a professional lawn care service to do the aeration. If you live in the Ocala area of Florida, Best Cuts Lawn has over ten years of experience and will do an exceptional job for you. Also, if you have any questions regarding aeration click here to contact them or visit our homepage to learn more about Best Cuts Lawn and the many ways they are prepared to help you have the pristine lawn you desire and deserve.

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