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Keep those pesky critters out of your garden

Animals such as rabbits, raccoons, groundhogs, goats, deer and other critters can ruin your garden if you do not do something about it. Yes, they are cute and cuddly but you have to make a choice or come up with a solution to keep them away from your garden. Although it would not be possible to manage your garden as hundred percent critter-proof, at the very least minimize the grazing of these pesky but cute critters and peacefully live with them.

In order to choose the right kind of technique in minimizing the existence of those critters around your garden, you have to first and foremost identify what animal you are exactly up against. Animals which can usually cause the fastest damage are groundhogs, deer, and rabbits. A deer can leave footprints on your soil, may tear your woody plants and make cuts on herbaceous plants. Rabbits can create severe cuts on woody and herbaceous plants while groundhogs may leave behind dirt around 10” in diameter as they dig holes to eat green plants. The only way you can keep them at bay is to construct some barriers in your garden as a way of protecting your plants from these critters.

Make fences
Making fences to protect your garden is likely the most effective solution to your dilemma. Putting up a fence prevents these unwanted visitors from invading your property. Building a fence that’s a few feet tall does work on most rabbits. There are times, though, when these rabbits get persistent and they can still find a way and dig a hole under. In order to prevent that from happening, bury the fence about 10 inches deep. You can try hardware cloth, chicken wire, and rabbit fencing, as they are the most inexpensive choices for small critters. For many deer problems, make a fence that’s 4 feet tall. However, if your location is swarming with deer, build an 8 feet tall fence. For birds that love to pick on your berries, construct a plastic netting and place it over your berries or other bushes a few weeks before berries turn ripe.

Raised beds or Pots
Another way of keeping critters out of your garden is by placing your plants in raised beds or pots. This can eliminate or reduce the eating opportunities. A 2 feet or taller raised bed would reduce rabbit ravage, particularly if you create a short fence above the bed. Try planting green foliage in window boxes that are out of reach of troublesome bunnies.

Odor repellents attempt to get rid of critters away from an area with a bad smell or odor while taste repellents are usually squirted on sensitive and vulnerable plants. They ward off pesky animals by flavor, causing these animals to feel sick after they munch on the treated plants. These repellents are designed to only upset an animal’s stomach and not to hurt them in any way. However, some critters still ingest treated plants and some get used to the foul taste. So, if that happens, a fence around your garden is likely the best answer.

Keeping pesky critters away from a garden is an ongoing process, one you will at sometimes find annoying. But, by keeping a watch and being vigilant you will have success, most of the time.

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