Are You Making the Best of Your Garden with the Proper Garden Tools?

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Gardening Tools

Keeping your garden green, lush, healthy, and well-maintained is not only attributable to the work being done to make it what it is, but also to the garden tools being used in gardening. Without them, gardening would take longer to finish. Here are some of the best garden tools out there.

Gardening is difficult without a shovel. Being one of the most important and versatile tools on the list of a gardener, a shovel is basically used to move piles of sand, soil, and other materials. It is also used for digging out plants from the ground and making appropriate holes for planting.

The trowel is another essential gardening tool that is designed for planting seedlings, bulbs, and other small plants. Available with cupped, metal blades and tough handles, trowels are used in cutting small roots and other debris and are also used to take out shallow weeds.

Garden Fork
Another important gardening tool for aerating the soil, the garden fork, also known as potato or spading fork is used to cut up chunks of the ground as well as to work fertilizer and other organic matter into the soil.

Garden Spade
A garden spade has a flat and square blade and is shorter than a shovel. It is ideally used in slicing under your turf and edging garden beds. In fact, you can even use it to cut ice on your frozen walkways.

What is gardening without gloves? Gloves are used to protect hands from possible wounds or any other injuries, including bug bites, while gardening. It is best to keep a few pairs. Select cotton or leather gloves to avoid scratches or cuts from shoveling, pruning, and sawing. And when working with prickly plants such as roses, it’s best to wear long or nitrile rubber gloves. You can also wear rubber or latex gloves to keep your hands dry.

Gardens collect a lot of debris which can be used as compost while garden beds can use mulch and other organic matter. Wheelbarrows can make the job easier, particularly in carrying loads of debris, as they are easy to maneuver. When you buy a wheelbarrow, select one with pneumatic tires as they do not go flat.

Watering Hose
A reliable watering hose is very important in keeping your garden healthy and well-maintained. It is indispensable in gardening so you don’t have to carry a watering can every time you water your plants. Most homeowners use a vinyl and rubber hose made of many sheets of mesh and durable connectors for longer use.

A lot of homeowners install sprinklers in their yard as a convenient way to water their lawn and plants. You can install automatic sprinklers or connect a sprinkler to your hose and give your lawn a deep soaking. You can attach your sprinkler into an automatic timer so it will automatically turn on and off as needed.

Investing in these essential garden tools can make your gardening more convenient and easy. Some of them may be expensive but look at it from a long-term perspective, as you can use them for a very long time. Too, your time is valuable and by using proper tools you will be able to spend more time enjoying your yard rather than so much time working in it.

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