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Beds are the cornerstone piece of decoration for a lush green yard and beautiful landscape. Beds can be the source of rich variety and art for a lawn. Keeping beds maintained can often be a challenge for homeowners. Neglect of your beds can lead to a whole host of issues that will detract from the look and feel of your home. Weeds, compacted soil, dying plants, and sloppy edges are all symptoms of a landscape bed in need. Hiring a professional is usually the go-to advice when dealing with beds due to the complexity of landscape bed maintenance, but it is not always a viable option for many families. In this entry, we will go over some of expert advice and methods from the pros themselves on how to deal with your landscape beds.

First and foremost It’s important to figure out what you’re dealing with. A high maintenance landscape has a lot of beds to enhance outdoor areas and entrances with varieties of plants and shrubs, lighting, and water features. A low maintenance yard will consist mostly of grass with fewer and smaller beds that have simple local plants and trees.

The very basics of landscaping bed maintenance start with a getting a solid handle on cleaning and clearing debris. Before you can get into the meat of fixing and preparing your bed areas, you’ll need to have unobstructed access to the essential bits. You’ll begin with removing leaves, twigs, and other dead fallen material from around the bases and floor. Next, you’ll want to weed out the soil and base. When weeding be sure to pull from the root structure and not just stems. Keep an eye out for unwanted vines and other plants as well.  Anything that obstructs the view or distracts visually shouldn’t be there.

The edging of your beds is very important both visually and functionally. Edges should be edged with the same regularity as grass cutting. Edging is just running an edge machine or upside down weed whacker at the slop angle to spruce up the defined edge. It will inevitably degrade even with this maintenance, just much slower. When its degrade, and routine maintenance isn’t doing the trick anymore its time for a good spade edge with a shovel to remake the edge entirely.

Mulch is another vital piece of the landscape bed maintenance. Mulch protects your plants, lawn, soil, and home in many ways. In the winter mulch is an insulator for your plants during their less active months. This insulation protects root structures and preserves moisture too. In the summer months, mulch deflects the sun and keeps the soil cooler and watered.  Mulch is also a significant barrier against weeds and old mulch should be raked out and replaced with fresh mulch seasonally.

With clean area, trimmed plants, proper edge and fresh mulch your beds will be looking superb in no time. Beds are a great way to express yourself on the outside of your home so be sure to decorate and care for them in the way that looks best to you.


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