A Simple Rundown on Turf, Turfgrass and Sod

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January 31, 2019
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February 18, 2019

There are two routes a homeowner can go with the type of lawn they might want for their home, grass or turf. Grass is the old standard of course and has its many benefits and advantages. Turf is the more controlled and modern alternative to a traditional grass yard.  If you are a sports fan, at some point, you probably have noticed the turf in a particular sporting event. Some people might already have turf installed in their homes or local parks. It’s important to know the differences as well as the pros and cons of turf. There are two kinds of turf yo chose from, artificial and natural. What defines turf from grass is that turf comes from a farm and is transported in sheets and installed. This is how you get much more control over the look and feel of your lawn. Turf both artificial and natural has grown in popularity over the years.

Artificial turf is a manufactured product made of synthetic materials that are designed to resemble perfectly cut grass closely. This option is generally reserved more for sports fields or municipal spaces like parks. It has a unique but clean and crisp look that catches the eye. It also requires nearly zero regular maintenance. The occasional repair might be needed over time, but overall it is much less labor intensive. For residential homes it is a rare find, it can be hit or miss based on preference with regards to buying a new home and can be costly to replace with the more natural option. So before considering artificial turf, you should see if the gold standard of turfgrass or sod isn’t right for you.

Turfgrass, commonly referred to as sod, is real grass grown from seed at special farms. It typically comes in rolls and pretty much acts like a carpet for your yard. It will come as a ready-to-go lawn that is both natural and visually appealing. The best sod is grown in very dense patches, preferably in a local farm near the installation home. Typically, one of the strengths of turfgrass is excellent resistance to disease and pests.

Homeowners will typically choose sod over artificial for homes or even projects for many reasons. The first of which might be cost. Artificial turf runs about $10 per square foot whereas sod is typically far below the $5 price point. Also, turf grass is mostly eco-friendly, cleaning the air of pollutants and preventing the erosion of fertile soil.

If you want an instant lush and picturesque lawn turf and sod are the right choices for you. Whether you want artificial or natural, turf grass is an excellent investment in your home and outdoor landscape.

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