5 Natural Ways to Prevent Weeds

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Ways to Prevent Weeds

What a beautiful sight to see a garden full of blossoming flowers and plants and a perfect lawn that is healthy and green. However, weeds can ruin that image and prevent your garden from growing and flourishing. Fortunately, there are natural ways in which you can prevent these unwanted guests, so they will disappear from your Garden of Eden. Here are 5 of them that are effective and safe without the use of any chemicals.

Containing weeds with mulch
Mulch is basically any decaying material such as compost, dead plants, pieces of bark, and dead leaves that is dispersed above the soil in order to enrich or insulate it. After clearing your garden from as many weeds as you can, place about ten sheets of newspaper and spread around the area. Follow it up by putting mulch of about 4 inches. The reason behind this is to block out air and light and exterminate the weeds.

Pouring boiling water
You can actually destroy the weeds just by pouring boiling water over them. This technique is particularly effective on those weeds that breed in driveway or sidewalk cracks. Also, this practice works simultaneously with the mulch technique.

Spraying Vinegar Solution
Vinegar is a powerhouse item in homes because of its many uses. You can use it as a cooking essential and a natural and organic solution in deodorizing and cleaning household items and rooms. But do you know that this modest household item can also kill those pesky weeds? Simply spray white vinegar on the weeds, then add two tbsp. of vegetable oil and one tbsp. of your dish detergent to create a sticky substance. This process works best on newly sprouted and small weeds. For grown-up weeds, you can buy a stronger vinegar with 20% acetic acid content which is sold at garden supply stores. You can spray directly to the source or inject it in the taproot using a syringe. Be very careful though, as you can also spray your beloved plants aside from the weeds. Additionally, avoid spraying during windy days.

Using Corn Gluten
You can prevent new and emerging weeds by using corn gluten in the form of granule, pellet or powder. Being a weed suppressant, corn gluten won’t kill those already established weeds but it will prevent new weeds and stop them from growing. Your established plants, however, won’t be affected and damaged by the corn gluten meal, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Organic Herbicides Commercially Sold
Available at garden nurseries and stores, organic herbicides are made from ingredients like citric acid and natural fatty acids. They easily break down, are non-toxic, and have no residual effects, so they are environmentally safe. Organic herbicides are highly effective on weeds that are presently growing or post-emergent plants. The effectiveness of organic herbicides varies on the weed species, size and weather.

These are just some of the natural ways in tackling those pesky weeds. They are inexpensive, readily available, and practical to use. Nevertheless, if you want professional help with your lawn, it’s best to consult a reliable and expert lawn care services.

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